Imogen Heap: My Mi.Mu musical gloves will fill a gap for electronic sounds


Imogen Heap with her with her Sennheiser Mi.Mu gloves Imogen Heap with her Mi.Mu gloves (Picture: Sennheiser Momentum Ambassador)

Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Imogen Heap, 36, has invented a pair of musical gloves.

Tell us about these amazing gloves…

Mi.Mu gloves are packed with sensors so you can make music using hand gestures. It started out of frustration, trying to get inside my computer rather than interacting with the keyboard and the mouse.

Instead of placing microphones around the stage, I strapped them to my wrists and, once you’ve caught a nanosecond of voice, you use gestures to do things with it. The most expressive part of my body other than my face is my hands.

I don’t see myself throwing away my instruments or my band members. It’s just about filling a gap for electronic sounds.

Can you remember your first brush with technology?

There have been pinnacle moments when gadgets have greatly shifted my direction in music and technology…

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